Best Practices for the LSAC

For years, LSAC has imposed burdensome requirements on applicants seeking accommodations while taking the LSAT. The ABA spoke out against these practices in 2012 and the US Department of Justice challenged the practices as a lawsuit intervenor. Now the practices may come to an end–if LSAC accepts recommendations from a panel of experts.


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I Am the Law

My colleague Kyle McEntee has a new project that you’ll want to check out. “I Am the Law” is a series of podcasts exploring a wide range of law practice jobs. These aren’t typical attorney interviews: the lawyers offer more detail about their practices than I’ve heard on other broadcasts or career panels.

How Deans Should Game the Above the Law Rankings

If you’re a law school dean that wants to increase its standing in the ATL rankings, follow these two steps.

Executive Director, Law School Transparency.

Unhappy Lawyers and Unmet Legal Needs

Lawrence Krieger and Kennon Sheldon recently posted an important paper about the factors associated with lawyer happiness. The paper includes a number of intriguing findings–I recommend it to all members of the legal profession. I focus here on a worrisome finding that Krieger and Sheldon discuss only briefly: The majority of lawyers, those who provide legal services to middle-income individuals, are the unhappiest.

A Tale of Three Houses

My husband and I recently signed a contract to purchase a new house. As we arrange inspections (fingers crossed) and interview movers, I’ve been reflecting on the changing role of lawyers in residential real estate purchases. During my three decades as a homeowner, that role has steadily diminished. Here’s my tale of three transactions over three decades.

Transparency Review in Advance of New Law School Jobs Data

Law schools have collectively never been more transparent about jobs data, but there’s much room for improvement. Today, 55% of law schools publish their most recent NALP report—a collection of statistics sought by transparency advocates and prospective students alike.

Executive Director, Law School Transparency.